Why is your focus on World Knowledge?

We believe your local mentors and education centers should be used as your primary sources for language and skills development. However, as certified interpreters you encounter everything and anything. Therefore, we are focusing on growing your general world knowledge, alongside expanding understanding of the arts, culture, and race. Most of your local workshops and educational events likely will have RID CEUs already offered. However, if they do not we would be please to make this possible.

What do the CEUs offered count towards?

The CEUs (Continuing Education Units) advertised and offered on our site meet the educational and sponsorship requirements for the Certification Maintenance Program of the Registry of Interpreters of the Deaf. Our approved sponsor is Trista Smith.

What counts as Proof of Attendance?

PINRA (Participant-initiated non-RID Activity) applications require Proof of Attendance is order to earn the CEUs. Proof of attendance can be a variety of things depending on the event, make sure to ask your sponsor. Typically proof of attendance will look like a certificate of attendance, ticket and event program, an instructor signed document, or photo that only can be taken from onsite. Important information need is the date, time, location, title/description, and proof of your attendance.